Increase your MINA yield

Do you know that your moveable MINAs qualify for a better yield?

You see this page because you can improve your MINAs’ yield.
Indeed, we noticed that you are accumulating MINAs on a time-locked account.
As result, your unlocked MINAs only qualify for a 12% annual yield.


(current annual yield)


(supercharged yield)

We advise you to create a new MINA address, delegate it, and send all your unlocked tokens to this address.
Then your new/unlocked address will qualify for a supercharged annual yield (currently 24%).
For optimal performance, keep sending your moveable balance to your unlocked address.
Also, we provide a payout account feature to automate this process.
It sends staking rewards directly to an unlock address.
See you soon in the Mina community.

Do you need help?

Don’t hesitate to contact us here, or Al3c5#1658 on discord.

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